Therapeutic Supports NDIS in Melbourne with Faithworks

Get personalised support to achieve your goals and enhance your well-being

Empowering your recovery journey, one step at a time.

Therapeutic support can be essential in the healing and recovery process. Our professional therapists provide a person-centred approach, patience, empathy, and support for your goal. The professional supports include a counsellor, speech pathologist, podiatrist, music therapist, physiotherapist and psychologist.

How It Works


Step 1

Consultation & Assessment

Our first step is to assess your needs and determine what kind of support you require.


Step 2

Develop a Care Plan

Based on our assessment, we'll develop a customised service plan that meets your specific needs and preferences.


Step 3

Receive Care & Support

Our team of skilled and compassionate caregivers will start providing care to you.

We believe in providing compassionate care that inspires hope and empowers individuals to thrive